Located at  Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, WaqarTech is a software house that works for its clients in UK.

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WaqarTech Overall rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1 based on 4 reviews.
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Third Class Company

They commit about salary and then they do not give it. I have worked with them, worked really hard and boosted sales but didnt get the reward in terms of increment or any bonus. Useless company, will not recommend anybody to join it. As no marketing team had got a good experience. Some groups are there in the company that does not let the others to move further and that is why waqartech and supermeal has been failing since day one and they can never succeed !
- Annonymous

Uneducated Fools

Waqartech is one of those companies which have zero sense of work ethics, they didn't pay my last month's salary, and frustrated me a lot with their mental torture day by day because of which I threw resignation on their fat faces. They have no respect for employees, all they want is money, these greedy people are as corrupted as anyone can ever be
- KD

They don't know how to run a business !

pathetic company, they do not give salary, get personal with employees and ask their team to bring sales and get salary or else no salaries. Company owner is so abusive, he talks and abuse everyone. No professionalism ! Avoid working here !
- Ex- employee


I worked in WaqarTech as a Marketing Executive in one of their project. WaqarTech management is pathetic. They didn't pay me last month salary of mine and when I call for my salary to their Finance Manager he misbehaved with me and said never call me again. Their management should learn how to talk with females. And fun part is that they also don't know that any company can not fire an employee after her resignation. 😀
- Tooba Fatima

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